Solar Mattress Dryer

Solar Mattress Dryer

Rubberized coir mattresses is formed from coir and latex rubber is an industrial process. Heat delivery of 0.5 to 1 million kilo cal boilers ( either steam or thermic fluid, operated by fossil fuels ) are needed for process heat in the production line . The considered factory uses 0.5 million kilocal capacity thermic fluid burner which uses around 900 – 1200 kg fire wood per hour to heat thermic fluid for transferring heat to different thermal applications mainly at 4 stages namely:

1. Drying out moisture in coir coil by placing them in an enclosure heated to 70 °C.
2.Sheet forming machine in which air is heated to 70 – 80 °C
3.Vulcanising machine where air is heated to 120 °C.
4. Calendar pressing sheet by contact heat at 150 °C.

Why Solar

By using solar pre heated air at 60°C to 95° C (depending upon the solar radiation), the firewood consumption for the sheet making dryer could be reduced. The solar heating unit saves fossil fuel around 50 to 60%. – fire wood savings will lead to protecting our forest and also diesel used in the transport of firewood. As the mattress factory has many emission, usage of solar heating will lead to cleaner environment.

What is the PEN solution

A 284 m2 area solar air heating system was installed at Eastern Mattresses Pvt.Ltd, Iduki District Kerala integrating on the south facing factory roof The hot air obtained is drawn by an electrical blower. The hot air is transmitted by insulated metal pipes to the fresh air inlet point of the dryer to preheat the air required for the dryer. Firewood savings of around 54 % was recorded.


Eastern Mattresses Pvt.Ltd, Idukki District, Kerala India.


Latest Achievement :-
A 720m2 CPC successfully installed at Hatsun Agro Pvt Ltd, Salem
A 550 kW grid type powered to Santosa Feed Plant factory near Palani owned by (HATSUN AGRO)
A 270m2 solar air heater partially funded by UNIDO as per for reduced coal consumption in a leather auto sprayer in Kanpur.
Roof mounted 10000 liters solar hot water system for leather tannery partially supported UNIDO in Kanpur has been successfully installed.
Graphite Processing.
TAMIN invites PEN for innovation in graphite processing.
Dr.C. Palaniappan has been requested by MED-BIS to frame solar dryer standards.
Solar Dryer
2 numbers of 150 kg solar dryer was sent to Nairobi, Kenya
Solar Heating
North East Tea Gardens are keen to adopt PEN’s energy saving methodology through solar heating.
Solar Air Heater
Solar air heater for tea at Golden Hill Tea Estate near Coonoor, Niligiris installed in 1992 still works ( 21 years) creating a new record in the Renewable energy sector.
Solar Power Project for TMB Bank
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank, basing upon the successful working of solar power project Pandaravilai Branch has entrusted 3 new branches namely Usilampatti, Odaipatti and MM Kovilur (Dindugal).