Solar Latex Dryer

Solar Latex Dryer

The process of latex rubber drying consists of converting rubber latex into a compound – then converting into a mould liquid using Tip & Dry method. Condom is formed from automatic machine using glass moulds. A 38 kW IR lamps are used for drying the molded pieces. These pieces are then washed and part of the moisture is removed by centrifuge motors. Then it is placed in a Tumble Dryer so as to bring down its moisture from 8% to nil by using hot air of temperature of around 1100 C obtained through 18kW electrical coils. The fresh air at the room temperature is taken into the Tumble Dryer through a 20 micron filter and the Dryer has sensitive controls to regulate the temperature to any required value.

Why Solar

By using solar pre heated air at 60°C to 95° C (depending upon the solar radiation) the electrical consumption for the Tumble Dryer could be reduced. Any reduction in electrical consumption will help the industries to realize better profit margin especially due to high electrical power cost. Solar heating also adds a better marketing edge to the products as a green and environmental friendly process.

What is the PEN solution

The dryer consumes per hour 12 units of electrical energy. There are totally 27 Tumble Dryers in all the three factories of the group. A 55 m2 area solar hot air panel had been installed to provide preheated air for two tumble dryers at Chennai factory as a pilot project. A fuel saving of 40% was recorded in the factory. Basing on the successes of this project the company has installed two numbers of 113m2 Solar collector at Pondicherry for providing preheated air to 8 tumble dryers and another project of 113+180 m2 for preheating the air to 9 tumble dryers at Virudhunagar Tamilnadu . It is expected that through solar preheating system of total area 461 m2 the company could reduce around 2,50,000 electrical units per annum.


TTK LIG LTD , Chennai
TTK LIG LTD, Puducherry
TTK LIG LTD, Virdhunagar
Hindustan Lifecare Ltd ,
Thiruvananthapuram [ in the pipeline]

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