Solar Laundry Dryer

Solar Laundry Dryer

Apollo KH Hospital, Ranipet, Tamilnadu has one tumble dryer of capacity 15kg of wet cloth per batch and it has 20KW electrical heating arrangements. A suction blower sucks the cold air through the electrical coil and heats it to a temperature of 110 Deg C and above. There is a 1.5 HP electrical motor for exhausting the moist air.

Why Solar

By using solar pre heated air at 60°C to 95° C (depending upon the solar radiation) the electrical consumption for the Tumble Dryer could be reduced. Hospitals by adopting solar heating could pave way for clean energy development. Apart from hospitals, many hotels, garment manufacturing co. and many manufacturing industries operate tumble dryers using fossil fuels where solar solution could be essential.

What is the PEN solution

The dryer consumes per hour 12 units of electrical energy. There are totally 27 Tumble Dryers in all the three factories of the group. A 55 m2 area solar hot air panel had been installed to provide preheated air for two tumble dryers at Chennai factory as a pilot project. A fuel saving of 40% was recorded in the factory. Basing on the successes of this project the company has installed two numbers of 113m2 Solar collector at Pondicherry for providing preheated air to 8 tumble dryers and another project of 113+180 m2 for preheating the air to 9 tumble dryers at Virudhunagar Tamilnadu . It is expected that through solar preheating system of total area 461 m2 the company could reduce around 2,50,000 electrical units per annum.


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