Industrial Applications

It is possible to reduce 25 % to 75% consumption of fossil fuels like furnace oil, diesel, coal, firewood by using solar air heating system. PEN has successfully demonstrated this in more than 45 industrial projects. India spends annually 17, 80,000 kilo lit or equivalent furnace oil for meeting 60% of thermal energy used in industries for processing the end product.

Many industries require hot air at lower temperature range around 50-80 degree Celsius and above for process.

Our solar solutions through pre-heating for Industries include:

Solar Air Heating
Solar Salt Dryer
Solar Latex Drying
Solar Mattress Dryer
Solar Paint Shop Dryer
Solar Large Fish Dryer
Solar Leather Drying
Solar Laundry Dryer
Solar Ceramic Drying
Solar Garments Dryer
Solar Industrial Dryers

Agro Based Products

PEN has many success stories in the usage of solar heat for hygienic and high quality processing of agro products like chilies, spices, dhal, fruits, vegetables, and fish.

42 million tones of food products were wasted due to lack of post-harvest technology in developing countries as per FAO. In fruit & vegetable there is more than 50% wastage due to the lack of infrastructure for processing. Mechanical processing due to recurring cost of fuel, is not viable. Solar hot air technology offers a best solution for agro industries. In addition – green technology logo adds value addition to final products.

Solar Spices Dryer
Solar Dhal Drying
Solar Fruits Dryer
Solar Tea Dryer
Solar Mango Dryer
Solar Grains Dryer
Solar Vegetable Dryer
Solar Meat Dryer

Remote Independent Dryers For Livelihood

Completely solar dependent dryers are key to sustenance in remote/rural areas. PEN has successfully implemented more than 100 fully solar dependent dryer projects for drying fish, fruits & vegetables, herbal products in rural areas. Most farmers/fisherman could not afford either a building or electrical supply for processing. PEN has given a solution for these farmers/fishermen by introducing fully solar dependent solar dryer.

A typical solar dryer could process around 50 kg of products by using sun’s heat. The hot air fan is operated by solar electrical panels(SPV). These systems are suitable for remote regions as a livelihood for rural mass.

Solar Small Fish Dryer
Solar Home Product Dryer
Solar Ginger Dryer
Solar Herbal Dryer
Solar Turmeric Dryer
Solar Garlic Dryer

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