Under the DFID/UNDP Fisheries Project in Orissa, India, PEN installed three solar fish dryers each with a capacity for producing 75 kg of dried fish per day —————– I could see for myself the satisfactory functioning of the solar fish dryer unit and the high quality dried fish …

– Dr. V. Sampath, Ex-Senior National Consultant (Orissa Fisheries Project) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
PEN installed a 55 m2 solar panel for reducing electrical consumption in the hospital tumble dryer for drying cloths. The solar unit is working successfully …

– Mr.V.Ekambaram, Chief Financial officer, Apollo KH Hospital
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership, Vienna – governing board has ratified PEN as partner to REEEP in exploring finding solutions, replicating success and ultimately, advancing our efforts to create a sustainable marketplace for clean energy…

– Dr.Marianne Moscoso – Osterkorn REEEP – Director General
UNDP, Bangladesh invited Dr.C.Palaniappan – General Secretary of PEN to undertake an assignment as an international consultant on coastal fishing communities project on solar fish drying at Cox Bazaar…..

– Ms.Shireen Kamal Sayeed Assistant Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh

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